Client's needs and concerns
  • There are areas of our roof we cannot see from anywhere on the ground
  • We cannot see some areas form the ground
  • We cannot access these areas with ladders because of a ground floor conservatory
  • Do we have any maintenance issues (eg. missing ridge tiles or blocked lead-lined rain gullies)?
  • Please tell us if we need to go to the expense of erecting scaffolding
  • How much inconvenience will be caused to guests?
  • We conducted a five minute flight to position camera over the suspect areas
  • The 'inaccessible' roof was fully surveyed
  • There were no missing ridge or roof tiles
  • The rain gullies had no more than the expected amount of fallen leaves (which would come out naturally with wind and rain)
  • There are no maintenance needs and so no need to organise and pay for scaffold to be erected
  • Hotel guests will not be inconvenienced
  • The hotel has saved £800 by avoiding the need to erect scaffolding to undertake the roof inspection in a conventional manner

Project photographs (5 of 40 taken) are shown below.

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