Client's needs and concerns

  • We have a fragile factory roof which we cannot put any weight on
  • We cannot put ladders on to this and cannot access this with a cherry-picker either
  • It seems to be in need of significant attention, but how bad is it?
  • Will we need to erect scaffold to undertake the inspection and/or works?
  • Would we have to dismantle the scaffold and pay to erect it on the other side, afterwards?
  • We planned and completed a 30 minute project which identified:
  • The roof was in sound order despite the moss cover on the East-facing surface
  • There is no immediate need to undertake corrective maintenance and so no need to erect scaffold
  • No repairs are necessary
  • The roof can be cleaned with jet washing
  • The factory owner has saved £700 by avoiding the need to erect scaffolding to undertake a condition survey in a conventional manner

Project photographs (4 of 18 taken) are shown below