Project Management Expanded.

Staff working with larger projects, and who will need to comply with the complexities of larger or multiple teams will benefit from this course choice, Project Management Expanded.

As well as practical project management guidance, those who attend this three-day course will also gain an insight into PRINCE2, the de-facto standard for running government projects and a methodology favoured by many blue-chip organisations. The course details are given later in this section.

Other Courses

Those who are looking to learn about the basics of project management, pick up some usable hints and find ways of making basic projects work will benefit greatly from this one-day course, An Introduction to Project Management. Click on the link to view this course.

Staff working in any industry who would like to learn sound project management skills and be able to apply them in the process of running smaller projects effectively. The Project Management in Action course will give them these skills. Those who attend this two-day course will learn tools and techniques that can be readily applied in the workplace.

Course Purpose

Businesses manage many projects ranging in size from smaller projects where the project teams are made up of individuals who often work together to reach common goals to the more complex project where teams are made up of third party contractors, specialists and individuals who will be drawn together in a project environment for the first time.

Each course will result in delegates being able to manage projects to the required standard, while managing a balance between time and budgetary controls.

Solving the Dilemma

Every company has projects, some big, some small, but always important. Sometimes a company will undertake something major such as a premises move, the installation of a new computer system, or perhaps the winning of ISO 9000 accreditation.

Project failures are all too common. Some make the headlines, but the vast majority are quickly forgotten along with the reasons which are many and varied. This is where an experienced Project Manager can help.

If your company have projects on the go, or intends to embark on a sizeable venture it makes good sense to invest wisely. Training your staff and allowing them to make a difference is the best solution. These training courses will provide you and your organisation with the solution you are looking for.

Programme Pricing

Please request a list of full course dates, venues and pricing. We regret this information cannot be posted on the web site.

Discounts may be available for more than one attendee from your organisation. Please ask for details.

Our Approach

Based on our experience we have designed this programme to give you the best possible chance of success. The programme can be delivered in one of two formats, either by attendance on our standard open programme or by completing a bespoke programme tailored to your organisation's needs.

Working as your training partner we are able to deliver the programme to suit your organisation's needs and the availability of students. To further enhance flexibility this tailored solution can be delivered either at one of our training locations or at a venue of your choice.

Project Management Expanded
Three-day Course

The Training Sessions
Session 1

Project Basics

  • Process-flow of principles
  • Applying a business scenario to project management
  • The four types of project
  • An introduction to PRINCE2
Session 2

Project Start-up

  • Developing a project team
  • Developing working documents
  • Analysing the business case
Session 3


  • Planning approach
  • Risk and issue management
  • Logging and management
  • Feasibility and authority to proceed
Session 4


  • Designing plans
  • Assessing effectiveness
  • Dependencies, critical path analysis and float utilisation
Session 5

Stage and Product Management

  • Managing product delivery
  • Managing float
  • Completion of stages
  • Resource levelling
Session 6

Control of Finance

  • Allocation of budgets
  • Tolerance control
  • Co-ordinating costs to business case
  • The cost / time / quality triangle
Session 7

Project Board Direction

  • Communication disciplines
  • Scheduled and ad-hoc communication
Session 8

Project Closedown

  • De-commissioning a project
  • Handover and snagging
  • Lessons learned principles
Session 9

Tools and Techniques

  • Practical application of techniques learned
Session 10

Subject Review and Assessment Quiz