We've all seen the Gatwick Airport fiasco that was caused by an irresponsible drone user on the News. Unsurprisingly, this has caused concern with recognised and qualified drone pilots as this harms our reputation and hides a lot of the good drones can do. But please consider this:

Operating a drone is very similar to driving a car, or lorry.

Irresponsible drivers who use mobile phones when driving, those who drive when drunk, or drivers who cause accidents because of a lack of care; should not blight the reputation of good and sensible drivers.  We hope the laws that are written to deal with these dangerous people are enough to stop them. But the truth is, there's little we can do to stop them if this is what they are determined to do.

Now let's consider using drones- Despite having laws to prevent it, if an irresponsible person is determined to fly a drone where he (or she) shouldn't, this should not blight the reputation of good, sensible and qualified pilots who have to undertake rigorous testing and demonstrate an understanding of the law just to obtain their Permission to Operate (similar to a driving licence) from the Civil Aviation Authority.

The commercial drones used for filming TV programmes, for accident prevention and safety filming etc, have safeguards already built in, physically preventing flying where we should not. Yet the 'toy' drones or home-made ones do not have these safeguards, and so currently there's little to stop the one or two idiots (please forgive us using this term) who get some form of enjoyment messing things up for others.

But let's face it, we are not going to ban everybody from driving because of a few idiots (same apology as before), and so we should not impose a ban on the use of drones when we think of all the good they can do just because of a situation caused by the malicious misuse of a drone.

Yes, the incident caused disruption to 100,000 travellers at Christmas 2018 at Gatwick, but similarly 100,000 drivers were also prevented from travelling on the A34 in August 2016 when a lorry driver caused an accident when using his mobile phone at the wheel of his 7 tonne lorry. But in this instance, and very sadly, five people lost their lives also. Putting things in perspective, nobody lost their lives because of the drone incident.

So in summary: Don't ban drivers, deal with the minority of those who are irresponsible. Don't ban drones, deal with the irresponsible minority also.