BIFM Level 5 Qualifications

"What are the differences between Level 4 and Level 5?"

If Level 4 is the best level to learn about a wide range of facilities management topics and disciplines, Level 5 is ideal for those who

  • may have already completed Level 4 and wish to learn how to apply the knowledge;
  • already possess a good depth of FM knowledge and experience;
  • have taken our on-line course suitability checker and were indicated that Level 5 would be best;
  • have access to relevant business information (such as performance data, procedures and systems analyses, and so on); and/or
  • work with other members of a strategic management team (such as business planners and policy writers).

We believe that those who manage FM at Level 5 do not wish to be over-tutored as this could be a very expensive and futile process. This is why we provide tuition for this level by a distance learning, self-study arrangement.

Learners will use our workbooks to consolidate their learning, conduct exercises devised to test how well they apply the knowledge in the workplace, record answers to the exercises and use these as the basis of the qualification assessment papers.

This method of learning has been found to be very successful. It minimises time spent on unnecessary studies and allows learners to submit assignments as quickly as is reasonably possible.

Main features of the qualification and the learning style

  • Enrolment onto the programme occurs twice a year (Spring and Autumn)
  • Learning is via the conducting of workplace-based exercises. No classroom attendance is required
  • Available at Award, Certificate and Diploma
    • Learners will start with the Award and if successful*, and if the tuition method suits the learner's style of learning, may choose to top-up to the Certificate
    • Diploma is an optional progression made available to those learners who successfully* achieve the Certificate
      • * Whilst we will support learners to the best of our ability, we reserve the right to disallow progression from Award to Certificate and/or Certificate to Diploma if tuition methods are not being followed by the learner, or if progress is not being suitably achieved.
  • Award takes approximately 4 months to complete (approximately 49 hours of guided learning)
  • Certificate will take an additional 4 to 5 months (additional 49 hours of guided learning, approximately- 98 will have been undertaken)
  • Diploma will take a further 9 months or so to complete (learners will have completed approximately 196 hours in total once completed)
  • The BIFM allow learners up to 2 years to complete the chosen qualification
  • Candidates who have achieved the BIFM Level 4 Certificate or Diploma will carry forward 6 credits against the total required for the Level 5 qualification

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Client Testimonials

Student testimonials for British Institute of Facilities Management examinations and assessments training.

Office of Fair Trading

"I found the Blue-Eye Training approach to the BIFM programme to be very enjoyable and suited my learning style. It was nice to receive ongoing support that helped me with my private studies."

Greenwich University

"Very enjoyable courses. I learned a lot in a wide range of subject areas. The training programme was well structured, with clear direction and focus on the subjects. The assessment preparation session was great and I was really grateful for all the personal help and support I was given."