BIFM Level 5 Range of Qualifications

Certificate to Diploma Progression

Moving up, or topping up, from the Level 5 Certificate to the Level 5 Diploma is a natural progression.

The following chart indicates in what way the programme is managed, conducted and also to what extent the learner is involved. A chart cannot indicate all the qualification complexities, but we hope the following offers help in understanding the needs for the top-up to the Diploma.

 Level 5 Diploma (Top-up after achievement of Certificate)
No. of credit points required to achieve qualification

48 credits required in total (24 in addition to the 24 already gained by achieving the Certificate). Our arranged programme ensures that learners will achieve the correct number of credits required.

No. of hours a learner will study

The BIFM suggest the programme could consist of 196 hours guided learning (this is 96 in addition to those already studied for Award and then Certificate).

Programme duration is likely to be 10 to 12 months after commencing this top-up. The new registration period will allow learners a further 2 years to complete the necessary studies and assessments.

Will learners conduct homework or work-based assignments?

Yes, the format of the learning requires self-study on a distance learning basis, supported by work-based assignments that should be submitted for each topic area.

All course work completed will prepare learners for the final summative work-based assessments.

What is the format of the assessment?

A series of written work to be prepared and submitted as well as reviews (may include some professional discussion) of workbased assignments.


After final assessment a period of time may elapse before final results are confirmed.