BIFM Level 4 Range of Qualifications

About the qualification- "How does Level 4 differ from other levels?"

Level 4 qualifications are great for learning about facilities management across a wide range of topics and activities.

The assessment processes for the Level 4 qualifications are predominantly based on learners demonstrating a good topic understanding at a management level, typically being able to describe and explain topics and disciplines and from time to time undertake some activities so as to demonstrate the topic's applicability.

If you feel that you already possess extensive FM experience or knowledge in a senior management role, you should consider the Level 5 programme. Access the links from the navigation bar above.

The assessment process for Level 5 qualifications are predominantly based on learners having substantial higher management knowledge, experience and access to strategic business plans and will demonstrate their knowledge and understanding by evaluating processes, analysing business practices and reporting upon shortfalls and making recommendations for remedial actions.

If you are seeking an insight into the FM industry but not from an active middle management level, try the Level 3 programme.

The assessment processes for the Level 3 qualifications are predominantly based on learners demonstrating a basic topic understanding, typically being able to identify, list and describe key topic features.

"Tell me more about Level 4"

The British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) qualifications are particularly appropriate to either middle managers who have practical experience of working in the facilities management field, or those who will work at that position, or seek work in that position once qualified. The three different qualifications (Award, Certificate and Diploma) provide a range of choices for the extent of subjects to be learned. With a range of mandatory and optional subjects, this programme will suit all needs and learning directions.

Demonstration of topic knowledge and understanding is the theme to these qualifications and learners can fully develop their management capabilities and the knowledge required to perform their job functions to their full potential.

Main features of the qualification and the learning style

  • No previous qualifications are required to join the programme (unlike Level 5 where certain criteria need to be met)
  • Available at Award, Certificate or Diploma
  • Flexibility with scheduled programme
  • The learner has up to 2 years to complete their chosen qualification
  • Learn in two ways:
    • Workshop learning (Courses held in Newbury, Berkshire
    • Distance learning option available for those who have the self-discipline and the time to self study
      • or a blend of both of the above- Please ask
  • Homework assignments and study packs issued for assessed units
  • Assessment is via addressing tasks and exercises typically conducted over a period of between 28 and 42 days per unit
  • Assessment papers are issued shortly after each tuition session
  • Tailored / on site courses available for organisations with groups
  • Tutor support and mentoring during learning, assignments and assessment