Sample Assessment Paper Tasks

(for Levels 3, 4 and 5, for comparisons purposes)

Given below is a set of example assessment tasks for the three learning levels (written in the style of actual assessment tasks).

Learners can compare the demands of each level from these.

Assessment Support

We provide a dedicated assessment techniques workbook to all learners at the start of their study programme.

Another unique support arrangement from Blue-Eye Training.

Level 3 Example

Explain the purpose and intentions of a well organised recruitment process.

Level 4 Example 

Describe the stages of a typical recruitment process, from identifying the need to recruit a new employee, through to confirming the appointment and also including induction and the need to satisfy a probation period.

Level 5 Example 

Evaluate the extent to which your organisation's own recruitment process enables you, as Facilities Manager, to recruit the right people with the right skills, experience and approach for the role in question.

(Readers of this web page should note that assessment papers for any study unit will comprise of several tasks, similar in nature to the examples above)