Assessment Format

An overview of the assessments, with example papers

The assessment processes for the Level 3 qualifications are predominantly based on learners demonstrating a basic topic understanding, typically being able to identify, list and describe key topic features.

The assessment processes for the Level 4 qualifications are predominantly based on learners demonstrating a good topic understanding at a management level, typically being able to describe and explain topics and disciplines and from time to time undertake some activities so as to demonstrate the topic's applicability.

The assessment process for Level 5 qualifications are predominantly based on learners having substantial higher management knowledge, experience and access to strategic business plans and will demonstrate their knowledge and understanding by evaluating processes, analysing business practices and reporting upon shortfalls and making recommendations for remedial actions.

Assessments- An insight into requirements

As part of the assessment process, learners may be asked to read an opening statement which sets the scene for the topic, or maybe even assume a place in a simple role play situation thereafter demonstrating your understanding and knowledge of the subject.

You may be asked to complete a series of questions about a topic, write an essay based on the scenario as provided, or perhaps explain the importance of the subject and how it has affected the business or situation described. Because of the varying types of assessment per unit of learning, your tutor will discuss with you what each assessment will be and how it will be carried out. This will be part of the student support service we give to learners.

Examples of typical papers are given in the links in the links to the right-hand side of this screen, but please bear in mind that these have been written in the style of the Awarding Bodies' assessment papers and are not actual papers.

However, it should give an indication of the type of thing that will be expected of you for each of the learning levels.

Sample Assessment Papers