Client's needs and concerns

  • Client wanted to monitor car park use (4 separate areas) over a given time without using CCTV
  • The above would be impractical and inaccurate if conducted manually
  • Client was concerned that visitors were using a rear entrance and some were fly-tipping
  • Rear access has to remain open during business hours and can only be secured at night
  • Suspects would disappear before anybody could confront them
  • Proof, evidence and deterrents were sought from the drone solution
  • A snap-shot of car park users was taken every 30 minutes over a three-day period (all car parks captured at the same time to ensure accuracy)
  • Rear access visitors were captured on film (evidence has been passed to authorities)
  • Fly tipping has noticeably reduced since regular drone flights were conducted
  • The client sees the above as more cost effective than employing a security guard or similar contract
  • Regular flights are conducted as part of the agreement and to keep daytime incursions at a minimum
  • it is expected that the short-term deterrent will have long-term effectiveness

Project photographs (3 of 280 taken and a series of videos) are shown below.

Note: Only the long-range shots are shown to protect peoples' and vehicles' identities and confidential information. Client received fully detailed shots.