What is Facilities Management?

Imagine this- You are the Managing Director of an expanding car manufacturer, a business you started several years ago as little more than a hobby in a large garage in your own back yard.

At the time, people liked what you did and started buying your cars, so you made more & hired some help. Because of this growth you soon occupied a very impressive, centrally located manufacturing plant with plush offices for the sales and administration teams, hi-tech production facilities, a bright and welcoming reception area and a building to be proud of.

You brought into the business all of your design and engineering knowledge and expertise, but as business growth was under way you had to employ lots of other people to help you with the expansion. To name but a few, these included a Marketing Manager, Sales Director, Distribution Coordinator, Production Manager and other people who made sure the development and manufacture of the cars continued in a positive and purposeful manner.

However, no matter how well the core business of car production was going, all of a sudden you had the added demand of managing a building and all of the supporting functions that your business requires.

You hired a Facilities Manager who looked after the building, made sure the office workers had a safe, clean and comfortable work environment, the manufacturing plant had well managed work space with sufficient lighting, power and utilities supply as well as other services such as waste and recycling, IT provision, mail room facilities and portering. And then there's catering for the workforce, cleaning of the whole premises, security, maintenance, and so much more.

The Facilities Manager is seen by most organisations as the person who manages all of the essential support functions of any business and allows the core business to concentrate on the reasons they exist.

Article written by Gavin Horrocks

Gavin is Training Director of Blue-Eye Training, providers of facilities management qualification courses since 1993.


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