Qualifications Support

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) -

This is an additional step, or support arrangement, that may not apply to all learners, but we wish to point out something rather important and potentially, quite useful.

Let's look at exemption first. If a learner has studied a recognisable qualification or one that sits on the Qualifications and Credit Framework, (QCF), (a term given to all qualifications that are recognised by the new qualifications structure or format), s/he needs not necessarily study that subject all over again. If credit points were awarded, these points may often be "carried over" as part of the overall target score for the qualification.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the term given to something that may have been already studied but which does not sit on the QCF. If there is sufficient provable evidence of prior learning we can consider if re-training could be avoided. But because this does not qualify for a full exemption, the assessment part of the qualification will nonetheless be required.

Applying for RPL Recognition

There are complexities to this system and each situation has to be based on its own merits. You need to contact us if you have a qualification you think may gain exemption, or prior learning that may minimise the amount of re-study.

We need to investigate three important criteria:

  • If this is a pertinent qualification on the QCF framework
  • The validity or effectiveness of prior learning (we may ask you to conduct a competence test)
  • An excessive time lapse has not existed since the previous studying occurred

We can advise those who feel they may be exempt from any particular subject area, so please contact us to discuss this further.