Qualification Courses, Consultancy and Tuition Options

We now offer FM consultancy to those who would like a little help with workplace challenges. Contact us for a discussion on your needs.

We are no longer offering qualification courses tuition...

...but, for a limited time only, we are giving away tuition materials booklets at reduced prices. Typically priced at £14.95, they now start at £8.75.

Example link (look for 'other items' to find the list of full titles available)

FM Tuition Booklet Example

A Thank You Message

Blue-Eye Training students have enjoyed the highest UK pass rates over the last 24 years.

This is testament to

  • their hard work and dedication; for
  • following our learning regime a carefully as they have; and for
  • reading our tuition booklets, following the exercises and conducting the studies.

Our message to you (in the hope you are reading this):

We congratulate each and every one of you and we thank you for allowing us the privilege of tutoring you.

Personally, I've enjoyed every minute of the journey. Hope our paths cross again sometime soon, Gavin.