--- Celebrate With Us ---

To celebrate 21 years tutoring in the FM industry, our lead consultant has produced a range of tuition booklets which are available from an alternative web site.

Typically 100 colour pages or more, with up to date tuition, supporting diagrams, exercises, assessment support notes, quizzes etc.

Prices start at £6.89 and are available from the links below.

Junior management, Level 3 equivalent:

  • (Unit 3.01) Introducing Facilities management. Click here
  • (Unit 3.03) Providing facilities management services to customers and stakeholders Click here
  • (Unit 3.04) Using specifications in facilities management procurement activities Click here
  • Other titles will be added on a regular basis- Please keep checking.

Middle management, Level 4 equivalent

  • (Unit 4.01) The role and scope (overview) of facilities management for organisational support. Click here
  • (Unit 4.02) FM strategies. Click here
  • (Unit 4.03) People management in FM. Click here
  • (Unit 4.04) Support services operations in FM. Click here
  • (Unit 4.05) Health and Safety in FM. Click here
  • (Unit 4.06) FM risk management. Click here
  • (Unit 4.07 / Unit 5.05) Financial management. Click here
  • (Unit 4.12) Project management tools, techniques and application in facilities management Click here
  • (Unit 4.13) Working with specialists and suppliers. Click here
  • (Unit 4.18) Space planning and space management. Click here
  • Other titles will be added on a regular basis- Please keep checking.

Strategic management, Level 5 equivalent:

  • (Unit 5.02) Developing appropriate facilities management strategies Click here
  • (Unit 5.19) Complying with sustainability in FM- The impact and expectations Click here
  • Other titles will be added on a regular basis- Please keep checking.





New Service Available from 2018-

Commercial Licensed Drone-Based Roof Inspections:

Thermal imaging used to check:

  • Roof felt leaks
  • Insulation effectiveness
  • Unexpected head loss through windows, soffits, eaves, etc

Video and static imaging to check:

  • Roofing materials condition
  • Leaks
  • Infestation (moss, plants etc)
  • Gutters and drains (condition, need to clear, etc)
  • High level window condition / maintenance needs


Contact us for quotes, availability, process, other services: enquiries@blue-eye-training.co.uk 

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