Facilities Management Training and Tuition

Blue-Eye Training was the UK's leading facilities management training company.

We still offer tuition materials for the IWFM* qualifications.

If you need any tuition materials, if you need any help with your studies, or if you merely want to ask a question, please contact the tutor:

Gavin Horrocks: orax@sky.com

*IWFM (Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management) was formerly known as BIFM (British Institute of Facilities Management).


Free Download Diagrams

A small selection of downloadable images are given below. Feel free to download them for your own use (eg to train your own staff and teams, to assist you with your FM qualifications, to run a presentation to other colleagues).

More diagrams can be found from the 'Facilities Management' tag above.

Download an example tuition book here:

Take a look at an example of our tuition materials from the following link.

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"Straightforward language, uncomplicated content, suitably detailed"

(MJ. Kings College Facilities Manager review)

Tuition Materials Downloads

Most of the tuition books are available for purchase from our eBay Seller Site.

Just three links are given here, but access 'Seller's Other items' to find other titles.

Unit 4.01 equivalent book - Overview of FM

Unit 5.04 equivalent book - Risk management in FM

Full Level 3 tuition materials set (10 workbooks)

We are currently advertising 28 different individual tuition books and/or full sets.

Happy to help:

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions regarding FM, study for the IWFM qualifications or if you need guidance on studying for assessments.


Gavin Horrocks is Author of the FM Tuition Books range.

Over a 20 year period, his tuition materials have assisted in approximately 3600 learners to achieve their intended qualification.

The overall pass rate was:

  • 1997 to 2006: 85%
  • 2007 to 2010: 96%
  • 2010 to 2019: 98%

(Continual review and improvement regime proving its worth)